Follow the Trend

A simple strategy to consistently win with investing is to follow the trend of the current market. Using a trend strategy, instead of over eager investing to buy the dip or invest in a cryptocurrency token during a bear market and expecting returns in the short or medium term is unrealistic. Attempting to go longContinue reading “Follow the Trend”

Earning 1-8% on your US Dollars

Investing in Stablecoins can provide consistent returns with low risk and ease of access to your funds. Personally, stablecoins are now used as my emergency fund for me to earn passive income (8%) on my cash (USD) that I can access anytime within 72 hours. Previously bonds and CDs (certified deposits) served as a greatContinue reading “Earning 1-8% on your US Dollars”

Include Bitcoin (BTC) in Your Investment Portfolio

Bitcoin is a financial asset that’s worth, including in your investment portfolio. Here is a short argument for why you should consider owning Bitcoin and how you can learn more before you get started.  Why should I learn more about Bitcoin?  If you didn’t know, Bitcoin was the best performing asset over the last ten years. BitcoinContinue reading “Include Bitcoin (BTC) in Your Investment Portfolio”